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Am I doing something wrong? Switch to Faucetpay if you wish to save your progress and claimpoints on Softairbay. Your account has been permanently locked by an administrator for violations of our Terms of Service, this may include but not limited to, the use of exploits or third part softwares to exploit Softairbay.

Advertising is our only way to keep Softairbay a great faucet. Claim Points can be earned by completing simple tasks on the site, you can pass some shortlinks, watch PTC advertising, Play the lottery, Invite friends and complete some daily quests. To recover your ethereum-Mainnet erc20 email you must contact support at the bottom of this page, please be aware that you will be asked your last withdrawal address used to recover your email.

Yes, you can change your withdrawal address once a week. Bitcoin, first released as open-source software in 2009, is the first decentralized cryptocurrency. How can i earn Cryptocurrencies by converting Claim Points? Privacy and Cookie Policy.

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FaucetPay is a microwallet service, we cannot pay directly to your blockchain wallet due to the high transaction fee, softairbay bitcoin musluk besides, the payment is instant and also there is not minimum withdrawal on the faucet and the autofaucet service, instead. Please be aware that we do not allow the use of multiple accounts and the use of VPN, Proxy, Tor and any other hardware or software that hides or modify your IP in any way.

Claim Points may be also multiplied by playing our multiplier softairbay bitcoin musluk games such us Roulette or Slotiplier. Can I change my withdrawal address? Does Softairbay have a referral program?

Why I get softairbay bitcoin musluk the message "Error! How can i ücretsiz ethereum musluk earn on Softairbay and which are the available assets?

Your account has been banned for 24 hours because you were caught using multiple accounts from the same network IP, remember that is forbidden to register multiple accounts and the system will detect automatically any violation. What is Progress tab and Level system? We use real time rates via Coingecko API, this means that the reward of every cryptocurrency on Softairbay is based on its current market value.

If you encounter any problem with the process please contact us in the support page. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. The Progress tab in your softairbay bitcoin musluk dashboard reports the information about your level and bonus.

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